Douglas Murray’s Truth-Bomb Blasts Grievance Activists Into The Stratosphere

If you're going to open up a conversation about the slave trade, be sure to include ALL the facts

The endlessly-aggrieved leftwing activists just had another one of their airing of grievances, this time using the occasion of a king’s public statement about slavery as a jumping off point.

Not King Chucky. He’s already under the microscope with respect to the question of slavery. This was in response to the Dutch king — had you even heard of Willem-Alexander? — making a public apology for his nation’s role in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Piers Morgan had a guest on in a previous segment. That guest made a point of relitigating racial grievances of centuries gone by.

Douglas Murray was having none of it. He got going and pretty much took over the whole segment in taking the previous guest to pieces.

Unlike so many such instances, there was absolutely nothing personal about the pushback. It was all about very real and measurable dispassionate facts.

And THAT is what made that rebuttal so devastating.

It’s the kind of ‘rant’ every activist needs to hear at least once — to let them know just how much of the story they have been lied to about.

Slavery is a MUCH Bigger issue than just one or two countries the left likes to ceremonially flog over past sins.

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