Vivek Gives The PERFECT Answer To The ‘White Privilege’ Question (VIDEO)

He flips the 'woke' meaning on its head... beautifully

Vivek Ramaswamy gets accused of having ‘white privilege’.

The fatal flaw in that logic should need no explaining on our part. But the activist class have endlessly redefined what it is they mean by white anyway, so who knows for sure what they ‘really’ mean.

After laughing at the ‘white’ part for a moment, Vivek takes the underlying premise of the question — privilege — the way he would if it had been asked by someone in good faith.

There IS a kind of privilege. And he’s happy to take it beyond the threadbare conversation about race, and examine it in the lens of actual opportunity.

Because in that context it really does mean something worthwhile.

In this quick clip he not only talks about a very specific form of privilege he enjoyed growing up, but about how the rest of America could benefit from that same formula.

If more people spoke like this, fewer people would take the grievance-hustling 1619 Project zealots as seriously as they do now.

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