Mexico Is PISSED About Texas Border Security Measure

They want it gone

The fact that Mexico is kicking up a fuss about the border barrier suggests that it’s working.

After years of Biden thumbing his nose at immigration law an leaving border states to bear the brunt of the burden, Abbott found a proactive solution — prevent the crowds from crossing the river at all.

A system of large floats, together with mesh hanging down below it, has been installed as a barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande preventing illegal crossing at those points.

“Texas is deploying every tool and strategy to deter and repel illegal crossings between ports of entry as President Biden’s dangerous open border policies entice migrants from over 150 countries to risk their lives entering the country illegally. The absence of razor wire and other deterrence strategies encourages migrants to make unsafe and illegal crossings between ports of entry, while making the job of Texas National Guard soldiers and DPS troopers more dangerous and difficult. President Biden has unleashed a chaos on the border that’s unsustainable, and we have a constitutional duty to respond to this unprecedented crisis,” the governor’s statement read. — AOL

The AOL article was far more interested in making the case for why the barrier is a bad idea, and how it might get people hurt. In response, we might point out that nobody crossing lawfully at points of entry or airports has the kind of problem we are seeing among those illegally crossing into America.

Mexico is busy pumping record amounts of fentanyl into the country, but suddenly they care about the rule of law? The claim to be concerned that treaties might be violated???


Mexico has sent a diplomatic note to the U.S. government saying that Texas’ deployment of floating barriers along the Rio Grande may violate treaties on boundaries and water, Foreign Relations Secretary Alicia Bárcena said.

According to the Associated Press, Bárcena says Mexico will send an inspection team to the Rio Grande to see whether any part of the barrier – put in place to deter illegal migration – extends into Mexico’s side of the border river.

Texas began rolling out the new floating barriers in early July, but migrant advocates have voiced concerns about drowning risks from the buoys. Environmentalists questioned the impact on the river.

Bárcena also complained about the installation of barbed wire on an island in the river near Eagle Pass, Texas, according to the AP. — Yahoo

Of course there’s a far more proactive approach they could take to this problem.

Don’t stand idly by and watch people make such a dangerous crossing at all. Better yet, don’t let caravans of people march across your Southern border in the first place.

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