Elected Dem Puts Constitutional Illiteracy On Display In Catastrophic Gaffe

Either Rep. Kweisi Mfume doesn't understand the Constitution... or he doesn't care

This clip is only 20 seconds long, but it says volumes about how far the Democrat party has drifted from the very basic principles spelled out in Constitution.

If elected officials can’t even wrap their heads around what the Framers meant by ‘checks and balances’, what hope is there for the people who elected them?

The real kicker? This was in the middle of the hearings alleging that the FBI has been running interference to shield the Biden family from credible corruption allegations.

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  1. The “Checks and Balances” are the job assigned to the Congress in this case. They are to check and balance the executive parts of the government, namely the FBI, DOJ, the IRS, etc. which are run by the President. Those parts of the government are currently violating laws and need to be investigated by the Congress.

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