HILARIOUS or TERRIFYING? ‘Barbenheimer’ Movie Trailer Mashup Generated By AI

It was bound to happen sooner or later

This may well have been inevitable.

The absurd juxtaposition of a bright pink feel-good comedy opening opposite a somber drama about humanity stepping into the uncertain future of the atomic era helped create amazing marketing hype for both movies.

There was an entire sub-genre of memes focused on it.

Here are a few examples, if you happened to have missed them.

This writer’s favorite was a call-back to a 1997 song by a one-hit wonder that had WAY too much radio play:

it was only a matter of time before the power of the OTHER big phenomenon that has gripped the popular imagination was turned loose on it.

I mean, of course, AI.

One enterprising soul put together an AI-generated movie trailer mashing up the two films. The quality of the result might surprise you.

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