WATCH: Mayorkas Smirks His Way Through Another Hearing… Gaetz LIGHTS Him Up

Oh, the arrogance on this guy's face as he sits there and smirks

Matt Gaetz made it clear that Mayorkas has been playing rope-a-dope in these hearings, while ducking any actual accountablity for the millions of people pouring in under the Mayorkas doctrine.

Gates called Mayorkas out on the lack of meaningful deportations of those who are NOT qualified to remain here, on his inability to point to numbers, and on his refusal to answer basic questions about the capability of the ‘Disney FastPass’ app to screen the criminal history of users.

He concluded with a serious point about the criminal cartels bribing past Mexican leaders — and a question about why it looks like Mexico (and the Biden administration) are both doing the bidding of those same cartels, even now.

Chip Roy, meanwhile, exposed that Mayorkas has been lying under oath… and then excuses it as ‘not a lie’.

He pinned him down the lies behind the ‘whipping’ incident.

And he laid the death of 200 people murdered each day due to fentanyl poisoning at his feet.

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  1. Why not smirk, apparently none of these individuals in this administration see anything negative happening for their actions and they are probably right! People need to look at these actions and the other things that this administration is attempting to do to the country and ask themselves why would they do this near an election, because they know they will stay in power!

  2. Question for the peanut gallery – who is ‘best’ at dissembling and evading giving a direct answer – this guy, wray or dettelbach?
    I’ll wager they ALL got A grades in lawyer school, along with the what is a woman person.

  3. Damn, people – it ain’t hard to figure out – the president , his son, and probably most of his staff snort so much coke they leave it laying around in the place.

    No WAY does he want the cartels mad at him!

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