Trump Indictments: Has The DOJ Officially Become The Biden Campaign’s ‘War Room’?

'Miraculous' indictments keep dropping right after bad news for Biden

We all know the dirty little secret about governments releasing bad news late on a Friday afternoon. But there are other tricks too.

They call it ‘changing the channel’… getting the people to talk about what you WANT them to talk about.

A perfect example of this is Ralph Northam. Do you remember what his big scandal was about? If you go by the amount of media coverage, you might say it was the blackface/KKK yearbook photo. But in reality, that wasn’t the scandal. That was the distraction. The real scandal was a statement he had made in support of infanticide.

In order to ‘change the channel’ and prevent a national conversation about whether abortion activists were comfortable with statements made by some of their own about leaving healthy, born-alive babies to die of neglect in a clinic, someone released a conveniently-timed yearbook photo to the media. Then, once we had all pivoted to that conversation, the left-wing media played rope-a-dope, shielding him from the worst effects of the yearbook narrative. In the end, he got away with hardly a scratch — and (more importantly) America stopped talking about infanticide.

The ‘legacy’ media talking heads specialize in these sorts of distraction campaigns. Trump has a special talent for it as well, and that’s a big part of why he drove the media crazy. He was able to wrest control of the narrative.

In politics, timing is everything. And with yet another indictment come to light hard on the heels of damning news for Joe Biden, it’s tough to dismiss this as mere coincidence.

Don Jr. used the screenshot of a Greg Price tweet to explain how Biden’s DOJ is playing basically the same trick with Joe that the media did with Northam…

What makes this infinitely worse is the fact that our own institutions are being used as weapons to do it.

Is there any difference between how the DOJ is reacting, compared to what the Clinton campaign did with the ‘Bimbo eruptions’?

In 1991, for example, when a woman named Connie Hamzy emerged to accuse Bill Clinton of having an affair with her, Hillary Clinton said, “We have to destroy her story,” according to Stephanopoulos. He then set about arranging affidavits from people who could back up Bill Clinton’s story: “We’d survived our first bimbo eruption,” Stephanopoulos recalled.

Later, Stephanopoulos wrote, he wondered whether he had been “complicit” in Bill Clinton’s behavior “because my defense of Clinton against past bimbo eruptions had been predicated on my belief that he wouldn’t create new ones.” — Breitbart


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  1. The DOJ has been covering for the Biden syndicate since Biden was installed as the democrat candidate against Pres. Trump. The DOJ is thoroughly corrupt.

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