Pence Just Doubled Down On Anti-Trump Rhetoric — Is His Political Career Toast?

Who exactly is Mike trying to appeal to in the gambit he's playing here?

When Mike Pence was asked about the Trump indictments — which have legal holes in them big enough to drive a truck through — there were a thousand ways he could have answered.

For whatever reason, he chose to cast Trump as the villain in his story and himself as the hero.

Unfortunately, the former Veep’s version is built on provable lies.

Not only did his own public statements — only two days earlier — support Trump’s public position that the election result was contested. But he himself supported Trump’s plan to put forward objections to the certification of certain states.

He pledged to do so precisely according to provisions written in the Constitution itself.

In other words, he himself publicly encouraged Trump to pursue his course of action. If the lawyers were ‘crackpots’, then so was his Veep.

Not only did Republicans follow the same Constitutional provisions that Democrats routinely tried to exploit in knocking out GOP presidential victories (Bush, Bush, Trump), not only did they meet the Constitutional threshold for challenging electors (requiring members of House AND Senate).

But they followed a rational plan for auditing the various contested voting sites (over a span of 10 days), coming back with a ruling, and informing Congress whether we or not we could be confident that the vote counts in those areas had not been subject to any manipulation.

Any questioned state that came back with a clear winner could be certified. Any that were still in doubt could be contested and thrown out — something that has happened in the past, as provided by the Constitution.

If neither Candidate hits the magic number required for the electoral college win, the Constitution gives clear instruction as to what happens next.

He doesn’t have to take MAGA’s word for it — before the 6th of January became politically radioactive, even CNN’s Van Jones understood it well enough that he was able to explain it in a 3-minute video he released November 19th, 2020.

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