UH-OH: Little Rocket Man Is Firing Generals, Beating War Drums

Good thing America isn't signaling weakness in a time of global crisis, right?

Remember back in the Trump years, when Kim Jong Un tried using threats of nukes to force American concessions? Trump pushed back and Kim blinked.

Will Biden be able to stand up against foreign belligerents? Or will the weakness he signaled in the fall of Kabul, and the ‘minor incursion’ language he used about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine further embolden them?

If the way foreign leaders have been talking are any indication, it’s the latter. We know that China is licking its chops. They want to force Taiwan to its knees and finally conquer the only part of China that has never fallen to Mao’s Communist revolution. They have instructed their military to be ready to take it, by force if necessary, ‘by 2027’.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Iran has been practicing piracy in the Strait of Hormuz, seizing merchant ships that sail through their waters, with Iran’s ships openly challenging the US Navy. (We’re now sending more troops out that way to deal with the situation.)

And now? Now Little Rocket Man is back in the picture, testing the resolve of American leadership.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dismissed his country’s top general and ordered the military to step up war preparations “in an offensive way,” state media reported Thursday.

Kim held the meeting of the Central Military Commission in the country’s capital Pyongyang Wednesday and discussed plans against its enemy, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported. It did not say who the enemy was.

Kim pointed at Seoul and its surrounding area on a map in front of the uniformed generals, pictures released by KCNA showed. — NBC


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