Georgia Prosecution Jumps Gun With Trump Grand Jury Hearing… Now What?

Should this trigger a mistrial?

Legally, it’s up to a grand jury to decide whether or not to proceed with charges… so why was a new list of indictments against Trump posted online before the jury had finished their deliberations?

It’s a question many are asking since Reuters broke the story:

The Fulton County, Georgia, court’s website briefly posted a document on Monday listing several criminal charges against former U.S. President Donald Trump that appeared related to his attempts to overturn his 2020 election defeat in the state, before taking the document down without explanation.
The Fulton County District Attorney’s office said in a statement that no charges had been filed against Trump.
The document was dated Aug. 14 and named Trump, citing the case as “open,” but is no longer available on the court’s website. Reuters was not immediately able to determine why the item was posted or removed.
“The Reuters report that those charges were filed is inaccurate. Beyond that we cannot comment,” a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office said. — Reuters

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Conservatives immediately called BS, while the left — strangely — called this Reuters story a MAGA conspiracy theory.

Because we all know how deeply committed the News services have been to supporting Conservative points of view, eh?

Is Vivek right? Should Trump’s lawyers go on offense here?

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