OUCH: You Won’t BELIEVE The Astronomincal Value Of Businesses Fleeing NYC

Good luck to socialists plans of 'taxing the rich' now that they've all fled the state

How is New York going to pay for your expensive utopian promises NOW?

Obama famously quipped ‘elections have consequences’. Sometimes, those consequences include chasing away all the people you were counting on to pick up the tab for all your political promises.

What’s the play going to be now that all these ‘golden geese’ are long gone?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Nearly 160 Wall Street firms have moved their headquarters out of New York since the end of 2019, taking nearly $1 trillion — yes, that’s trillion with a “T” — in assets under management with them, according to data from 17,000 companies compiled by Bloomberg.

Looking to dodge rampant crime, stiff taxes and an increasingly exorbitant cost of living, 158 fed-up financial firms representing a whopping $993 billion in assets have packed up and left the Big Apple, taking thousands of high-paid employees with them, the data shows.
In all, 56 of the New York firms have decamped to Florida, while most of those remaining also headed to warmer states such as Texas and the Carolinas, according to the report. New York isn’t the only major loser, with California also having lost $1 trillion in financial assets under management to Florida, Texas and other lower-cost states.

Other major losers to Florida include Chicago, which lost billionaire Ken Griffin’s giant hedge fund Citadel to Miami last year. — NYPost

Homelessless. Lawlessness. Taxes. Crime.

For some reason they are fleeing the Utopian blue cities that pompous asses like Bill Maher used to mock the rest of us for NOT living in.

What’s making people flee such pictures of veritable paradise in order to flock to red states?

It’s a real head-scratcher.

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