SICK: Biden Visits Aftermath Of Maui Fire — Makes It All About Himself (VIDEO)

At this rate, he might be even more self-absorbed than Obama.

Most everybody knows, without being told, that the entire point of a Presidential visit to a disaster area is to show empathy and concern for those who have born the brunt of the suffering.

Instead of bringing the solemnity appropriate for such a visit, what Biden brought to the occasion just trivialized the death of more than 100 confirmed casualties, and the many hundreds of missing persons whose whereabouts remain unknown.

He shared the story of a small fire that damaged his home after a lightning strike.

With an entire community reduced to ash, and nearly a thousand families either mourning or twisting in that twilight limbo between hope and despair as they await news of their loved ones’ fates, Joe told them a story about the time that fire almost cost him his wife, his cat, and — horror of horrors — his beloved Corvette.

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  1. Biden is such a PATHETIC, USELESS, WEAK SOUL. Every day, in every way the man proves he is completely UNFIT to be in ANY OFFICE, much less the Presidency! That there remain the FOOLS that still will vote for him demonstrates what WOKE LOSERS they are, as well!

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