Bank Of America Just ‘Unbanked’ An African Charity… Is It Because They Are Christian?

With a name like 'Indigenous Advance Ministries', you'd think wokesters might think twice...

It’s a Memphis-based ministry that does charity work in Uganda, with people who looked like this…


Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

And this…

You might think that would give them a ‘pass’ from the authoritarian cancel-culture fiends with a strong urge to destroy anyone and anyone who doesn’t bend the knee to the latest revision of woke rules.

Indigenous Advance Ministries got a notice in the mail from Bank of America. They are going full Trudeau. IAM is getting the Nigel Farage treatment and have 30 days to take out the money close the account.

A complaint is being filed with the Tennessee Attorney-General’s office, alleging they were debanked because of their religious convictions which are directly at odds with the rainbow lobby.

It is worth remembering that Uganda took a stand in May with a ‘anti-LGBT bill’ that incensed the rainbow activists. Follow the link for a more detailed examination of the law than most Western news sources actually gave it.

Is singling out a ministry that helps those in need in Uganda part of activists ‘sending a message’ to demonstrate their displeasure at laws that move the country away from the Socialist Left’s political and social agenda?

Africans have a name for that kind of coercion. ‘Colonialism’.

Until the secularist left took control, we were assured that such coersive power is definitely a ‘bad thing’.

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