Larry Elder Is Bringing The GOP To Court Today… For Moving The Goalposts On Debate Participation

Elder believes the 'fix is in' against America First candidates

If you watched the GOP debates last night, much was made about the absence of Donald J. Trump. But he wasn’t the only person whose absence was noteworthy.

While Trump made the decision NOT to participate in the debate because he was making a different political play with Tucker Carlson.

Larry Elder being missing was a whole other animal. The GOP claims Larry sat this event out because he failed to meet the requirement. That’s not how Larry sees it. And he’s calling BS on the party over it.

Nevertheless, as of this past Monday, I met or exceeded all of the RNC’s onerous limits. From attracting more than 40,000 individual donors in at least 37 states (almost double the requirement) to hitting the key polling metrics and signing the RNC’s loyalty pledge, my campaign passed each and every test that came our way. We worked around the clock, and we got the job done.

But it still wasn’t good enough for a Washington swamp run by Beltway elites seeking to decide the 2024 election by themselves. Only after receiving our completed qualification package did the RNC inform my campaign that Rasmussen polling—just one of our necessary polls—didn’t count toward meeting the requirement. The reason, as stated by the RNC, is that Rasmussen Polls have ties to Donald Trump, who isn’t even participating in the debate. Neither myself nor my campaign had knowledge that Trump had ever worked with Rasmussen before, nor did we know that it would even matter.

Let’s be clear: The Rasmussen detail is just an excuse. Our supporters were tricked. The RNC is clearly just hoping to restrict debate participation and rig the game in favor of establishment candidates. Establishment Republicans in power are trying to hit back against not only Trump (and his supporters), but also other “America First” Republicans who only want a chance to debate the issues with their fellow candidates. Washington, D.C. insiders are blatantly lying to keep America First candidates off the stage. — WashingtonTimes

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  1. The RNC Chairwoman, Ronna McCaniel is a DISGRACE and should be FIRED. She is a consistent LOSER, in campaign after campaign where her chosen, supported and funded candidates LOST!

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