Timeline Around Shokin’s Firing Tells Damning Story Of How Biden’s Been Lying To Us

Increasingly, the testimony against Trump in first impeachment just doesn't add up

John Solomon has been at the tip of the spear in reporting events as they unfolded around the Burisma/Shokin corruption allegations right from the beginning. So much so, that he was one of the Americans whose social media was being illegally monitored by our embassy in Ukraine.

Breadcrumbs lead back to the same people who were called to testify against Trump in Schiff’s secret testimony.

From that article, a point this writer made in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election has aged VERY well.

“Democrats picked Biden to be their guy AFTER we already knew that accusations of nepotism and corruption surrounding Burisma was an albatross around his neck — and they STILL picked him.”

If one guy with no research teams could make an observation about Joe Biden’s corruption long before the election that holds up as well as it has, what does that say about how deliberate the media’s attempts to sweep this under the rug have been?

Solomon has now gathered documents in FOIA, among other sources, and has put together the data points around the Burisma/Shokin firing at the center of Joe Biden’s ‘Sonofabitch he got fired’ corruption allegations.

He created a timeline.

As you read this, it will become clear why the oversight committee is now so interested in the earlier edits and drafts of Joe’s speeches. What changed with respect to the stance on Shokin and more importantly — when? It could amount to a quid pro quo smoking gun.

Without going into the granular detail that Just The News did, here are the bullet points:

2015: June 11 — Victoria Nuland writes letter to Shokin, per John Kerry, claiming State Department was ‘impressed’ by his corruption reform efforts.

2015: Sep 24 — U.S. Ambassador calls out corruption of Ecology Minister/Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky by name in public speech, denouncing Shokin’s predecessor for giving Zlochevsky a pass.

2015: Sep 30 — State Dept confirms Shokin’s reform effort was successful enough to guarantee a third loan guarantee

2015: Sep 30 — Paul Sonne, WSJ reporter, takes an interest in why Hunter chose to join Burisma. Requests meeting with Hunter.

2015: October Amos Hochstein (Obama State Department, International Energy Affairs) meets with Joe Biden, raises concerns that Hunter’s connection to Burisma is mentioned among Russians/Oligarchs as ‘undermining message’ on corruption

2015: October 16 — Hunter’s PR rep gets follow questions from WSJ about Hunter’s role undermining dad’s anti-corruption message, asks about Hunter’s reaction to Sept 24 speech, above

2015: Nov 2 — Burisma Advisor emails Devon and Hunter, asking for specific ‘deliverables’ including meetings with high-ranking officials and show of Western support of Nikolay/Burisma

2015: Nov 4 — Hunter sets meeting with Amos Hochstein for coffee after Amos met Veep Biden. Amos has testified he and dad had discussed Hunter/Burisma.

2015: Nov 5 — Biden affirms loan guarantee, contingent on ongoing reforms. No mention of Shokin

2015: Nov 12 — Amos Hochstein calls Hunter.

2015: Nov 15 — In talking points for meeting sent to Ukraine, the condition to fire Shokin is added to requirements for reform

2015: Dec 3,4 Two different news outlets trying to follow up with questions on Hunter’s Burisma connections with respect to Joe’s corruption message

2015: Dec 4 “Vadym Pozharskyi and Mykola Zlochevsky urgently requests a call with then-Vice President Biden from Hunter Biden while the Burisma board was meeting in Dubai” — This is the same phone call referenced in Devon Archer’s testimony that media personalities and other Democrats downplayed as ‘talking about the weather’

2015: Dec 6 Photo of Hochstein briefing Biden en route to Ukraine

2015: Dec 7 Veep Biden’s Ukraine visit begins, gives speech about corruption.

2016: Jan 15 Obama’s White House circulates latest Ukraine loan guarantee conditions. No changes or mention of Shokin’s removal.

2016: Jan 21 Trump impeachment ‘whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella’s name comes up. He was surprised by the mention of a requirement of Shokin’s firing as a condition of the loan guarantee in a local news website.

2016: March 29 Shokin is fired.

2016: Nov 22 George Kent raised concerns that Hunter’s Burisma connections undercut Veep Biden’s anti-corruption message in Ukraine.

And what did Trump do that Schiff raised hell over? Trump wanted to know whether there was any truth to the claim that Joe’s ‘sonofabitch he got fired’ was a done as part of a legitimate foreign policy interest, or whether it was politically corrupt.

This timeline goes a long way toward answering that question.

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