Foreign News Now Openly Mocking Biden’s Blank Stare — And It Gets Worse! (VIDEO)

When he DOES open his mouth, you wish he'd have stopped with the blank stare

Skynews in Australia isn’t part of America’s corporate ecosytem. They have different advertisers, and appeal to different interests. They don’t need to march lockstep with ‘acceptable’ viewpoints.

In other words — they are free to say what they think about Biden and his administration. That includes the things that American corporate media have been very careful NOT to say.

As you can see by the clip above, they’re mocking him, his blank stare, and the incompetent he chose to as his understudy just a heartbeat away from the most powerful job on the planet.

But that blank stare was hardly the worst Joe was serving up. His silence makes him look arrogant and uncaring. But one thing you can say about his silence — that’s the one time you can be sure he isn’t saying something jaw-droppingly stupid. Or insulting to his audience. Or both.

Here he is trying to equate a small (and easily contained) kitchen fire in his house to what people in Florida are enduring in the middle of a hurricane.

We’ll leave our readers to decide which is worse.

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