YIKES: Mitch McConnell Locks Up Again… During The Most Unfortunate Question (VIDEO)

Maybe the better question is whether he should finish THIS term

It’s not been a great year for the grey heads in the Senate. For every example of a Chuck Grassley (89) or Bernie Sanders (81) who still have their wits about them you have a Feinstein, McConnell (or even Fetterman!) whose mental health leaves a lot of unanswered questions about their role in the senate.

Feinstein and McConnell have each had recent medical crises that raised concerns about their mental faculties. In McConnell’s case, that included one very public moment where he froze up in mid-sentence and needed to cut his presser short.

For that to be a one-off is bad enough. For it to become a pattern raises the problem to a whole other level.

This week gave us the second instance of him locking up while giving a public address.

Not even a year ago, McConnell was challenged for Senate leadership and he made damned sure to punish the one who dared to challenge him.

Since then, he’s been a relative non-entity in the Senate. He’s done just about nothing to keep Biden’s agenda in check and it’s increasingly doubtful whether he still has what it takes to serve in the senate, let alone as Minority Leader.

They were asking about 2026? The might be better off asking whether he still plans to be around by the end of 2023.

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