BRUTAL: WaPo’s Phillip Bump Asked About Biden Corruption — Humiliates Himself (VIDEO)

Here is Phil personally providing the darkness in which WaPo tells us 'Democracy Dies'

The newspaper that made a name for itself by bringing down Nixon has an even bigger scandal just waiting to be exposed.

But Bump would rather run interference to protect the Bidens from scrutiny. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

It’s difficult to say whether this pitiful display is funny or sad. In a way, it’s both.

Philip Bump never misses a chance to dunk on Trump — especially if he has to lie to do so.

A quick search of his name and Trump’s together gives a sampling of how Trump has been living rent-free in Bump’s head for a very long time.

The connected and related theme is that Dems can do no wrong. Long after the direct-line connection between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Steele Dossier / Crossfire Hurricane was in the public domain, Bump was still trying to exonerate Hillary.

There’s your context for how Phil is hemming and hawing his way through specific evidence that is far more damning of Biden than anything Bump has thrown Trump’s way with respect to Russia, and suddenly he scruples about rushing to judgment about a political campaign.

The only way the Biden family could be more dirty than they already are is if someone dropped them into a coal mine.

But you’d never find a Biden in a coal mine…that’s too much like honest work.

The video is asking questions — not about the mountain of evidence being gathered against the Biden family with respect to original source banking records, through emails, testimony of business associates, whistleblowers, and all the rest.

This video is directly asking Bumb about the private conversation between Hunter and his daughter. They are discussing money, and ‘pop’… when Hunter complains about giving ‘half’ of all his earnings to ‘pop’ in a conversation he believed to be private.

As Ted Cruz puts it…

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