New Mexico Gov Publicly Indignant At State GOP — Claims They Should THANK Her

Even her own party slapped down her authoritiarianism, and THIS is her play?

Last week, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham made the news because she decided she had the right to leverage an emergency to suspend the Second Amendment rights of certain citizens in her state.

It is unclear what made her think that was a good idea that would be supported by others. In reality, even prominent anti-gun activists in her own party — including David Hogg — denounced her action as extreme.

Numerous lawsuits have been launched and the courts have already suspended key parts of her order.

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New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham says state Republicans are fundraising off her back amid her controversial gun order in the state’s capital that has riled the GOP, members of her own party and gun rights groups.

“I’m still waiting on a thank-you note from the New Mexico GOP,” she wrote Thursday on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Way to use my call to action around gun violence as a fundraiser instead of using it as an opportunity for immediate action to save New Mexican lives.” — FoxNews

Before she gave this order, the thing for which Gov Grisham was best remembered at the national level was a five-figure settlement for sexual harassment allegations involving inappropriate and unwelcome contact between her hand and a (former) male employee’s groin.

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