IRONY: Washington’s NFL Team Faces Lawsuit… Over The Offensive NEW Name

Citing civil rights, this group is demanding they bring back the old name

The very people the new ‘inoffensive’ politically correct name was supposed to be more ‘respectful’ toward are the ones leading a lawsuit.

Don’t get TOO used to the new name of the Washington Redskins — there’s a fight over changing it back.

The fight is invoking, would you believe it, civil rights?

The arguments made in the case come from an unexpected direction.

A Native American group filed a lawsuit against the Washington Commanders in federal court this morning that upends a long-standing cancel-culture narrative about racism in sports.

The Native American Guardians Association (NAGA) accuses the the NFL franchise and new owner Josh Harris of defamation, civil conspiracy and civil right violations for their role in suppressing Native American history, in a complaint filed in the United States District Court of North Dakota.

NAGA led a viral petition this summer demanding that the organization reclaim its traditional Redskins identity. It generated 150,000 signatures.

“Commanders is a fitting name for oppressors,” the suit stated.

The group seeks $1.6 million in damages and “a seat at the table to share Native American history,” plaintiff attorney Chad LaVeglia told Fox News Digital. — FoxNews

The suit also takes a swipe at the National Congress of American Indians organization, for the role they have played in erasing Native American history.

You may be wondering what makes the Washington Redskins so special or relevant in this case, and why the previous name should be restored?

It’s a similar story to the Land ‘O Lakes controversy where the young woman was removed from the butter despite it being an authentic representation of both the culture and the land.

The Washington Redskins logo wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. It was inspired by an actual historical person, see below:

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