Trump Cries Foul Over NYC Fraud Ruling… Supporters Bring Receipts To Back Him Up

DJT claims the fix was in from the beginning... evidence backs him up.

Limiting Principles: that was one of the big differences that set the American Revolution apart from the French Revolution which quickly devolved into an infamous Reign of Terror.

One critical brake the Framers installed to limit tryanny was exemplified by no less a luminary than John Adams when he ensured the Redcoats at the Boston Massacre received a fair trial. He himself served as their attorney.

The obvious difference in how high-ranking members of the FBI and the DOJ have been conducting themselves in cases impacting favored versus disfavored political groups and causes since AT LEAST the 2016 election show that our institutions no longer hold a commitment to that principle.

Worse yet, some judges seem to be following that example by demonstrating open bias toward or against some groups and ideas.

There is a reason that ‘bills of attainder’ are prohibited by the Constitution. It’s based in the same logic that insists that you identify a crime and look for the person who caused it, rather than look at a person and go digging for a crime he may have committed. The latter, by the way, is exactly the practice that made Stalin so feared by his own citizens.

It’s a tool of a totalitarian regime, not of a Republic.

It’s also a tool of today’s left.

Trump posted several clips of the NYC prosecutor bragging about how she would abuse her office in the Stalinist fashion to ‘get Trump’. Here are just two of them.

Here she is giggling about how she is going to ‘get’ him.

Here is Trump’s formal statement about the judge’s summary judgement against him in the civil suit.

The central assertion by the judge who ruled against him was that Trump overvalued his property and committed fraud by so doing.

There are at LEAST two problems with that logic, as laid out by many of his supporters. The first is that none of his creditors — who were enormous multinational banks with enormous legal departments who were well able to do their own diligence in assessing the property (as Trump’s own documents instructed them to do) — were harmed by the supposedly fraudulent business dealings of Trump’s organization. He was not in arrears. He was not in default. Banks were repaid — sometimes ahead of schedule. That would suggest that their money was never at risk in the first place.

The second one is the alleged value of the property itself. On one hand, other, smaller lots for sale near Mar-A-Lago show how off-base the judge’s valuation must be.

The judge says ‘$18 million’…

Smaller lots nearby sell for FAR more than that $18 Million figure

And these smaller ones don’t have waterfront on both coasts of Palm Beach island.

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  1. Sure looks like this judge should be slapped down hard by higher courts. Given her previous statements about Trump before she was appointed/elected her non recusal for this case should see her disbarred (removes her from judgeship).

  2. The LENDER’s ASSESSMENT of the value of an asset used as collateral for a loan is the ONLY ASSESSMENT that MATTERS. The Lender is putting his money at risk. The Judge (certainly, Judge Arthur Engoron) is NOT A QUALIFIED property value assessor, yet this biased anti-Trump “all knowing” Judge substitutes his judgement for that of the lenders. As document prove, the lender’s loan was repaid in full, even ahead of schedule.
    NEW YORK CITY is a TERRIBLE PLACE to do business and FIND an HONEST JUDICIAL PROCESS! So many businesses are learning that fact, the hard way.

  3. Hope it comes back to bite her in the arse. Corrupt and malevolent,,,and that’s a word I usually use only for satan himself. In this case, one of his “partners in evil” has stepped up to his plate,,,,but God is in control!

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