Tucker Throws Truth Bombs About The REAL History Of Abortion — It’s DARK Stuff (VIDEO)

The left wants us to believe they support a shiny new kind of health care, but...

Tucker Carlson posted ten minutes of an address to the Center for Christian Virtue.

Obviously, the audience would be friendly to a Christian message. But he didn’t give your typical milquetoast Christian message.

He gave a blistering message touching on two of the most important messages today.

The first is the true face of abortion — with all the pretty euphemisms stripped away, without any of the usual masks or trussed-up terms used by proponents to ennoble a he goes on to demonstrate is a truly barbaric practice.

The second is directed at the Christian Church itself, and has something to say about courage — both in the heroic examples we saw in the early days of Christian faith and what we’ve seen in our recent history.

If you are a Christian leader or ‘influencer’ of any kind, you’re gonna want to buckle up for this one. He’s about to drag some of you feet first down a gravel road.

You may not enjoy it, but it’s the kind of message which — after hearing it — you’ll be the better for it.

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  1. Tucker is 100% on the mark here, abortion was intended to wipe out black babies. What kind of people do this??? Sick, demented and devil driven lost souls.

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