Two Changes To POLAND’s Position On Ukraine You Probably Haven’t Heard About

What do Ukraine's closest neighbors know that we don't?

If the logic defenders of the blank checks to Ukraine is valid, we are to believe that if we don’t stop Putin’s attack on Ukraine, Putin will push forward and forcibly reclaim all of the Warsaw Pact countries that were once under the sway of the USSR.

Since Poland would be the next domino to fall in such a push, you might think they would be especially motivated to stall such a neo-Soviet advance into Europe.

And yet, they aren’t.

Americans are hellbent on borrowing money from whoever will lend it to us so that we can shovel it indiscriminately into a country that was very recently denounced as one of the most corrupt countries in all the world.

Zelensky himself has previously been forced to defend his use of offshore accounts to hide his own financial dealings.

While Poland was a vocal supporter of their neighbor in the early days of the war, and they have been helping back Ukraine’s war effort while taking in countless refugees, their patience has been wearing thin. The negative impact on polish farmers of the flooding of local grain markets has not been helping relations any.

With respect to arms, they are taking the same position many Americans skeptical of the war effort have been taking. Do not sacrifice our own military readiness to help another country:

“We no longer transfer weapons to Ukraine because we are now arming Poland,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in a blunt social media statement on Wednesday that accelerated the confrontation between the allies.

Morawiecki added in a television interview that Poland would now focus on supplying “the most modern weapons” for its own purposes, state news agency PAP reported. “If you want to defend yourself you have to have something to defend with,” the prime minister said. The government meanwhile clarified he was referring to future weapons shipments, and those already agreed upon would still be completed.

Nonetheless, it seemed to indicate a major change in policy: Poland has been one of the most forthright countries in the race to get weapons and resources into Ukrainian hands. Now, Warsaw was apparently drawing a line in the sand on future donations – a potential blow for Kyiv in the event of a long, drawn-out war. — CNN

The other problem was the missile that killed Polish farmers about year ago. You may recall the story we were told about a ‘stray Russian missile’ landing on a Polish farm and killing two civilians.

Polish experts claim that the missile responsible for the deaths of two individuals at a grain dryer in southern Poland in November 2022 was launched by Ukraine, according to Rzeczpospolita.

This conclusion was reached “despite the lack of cooperation from Ukraine, which has not provided any materials to Poland.”

Anonymous sources within Rzeczpospolita, familiar with the investigation’s progress, revealed that Poland has determined the rocket that landed in Przewodów was a S-300 5-W-55 surface-to-air missile fired from Ukrainian territory.

“This missile has a range of 75 to 90 kilometers. At the time, Russian positions were located in a place from which no Russian missile could have reached Przewodów,” a source said.MSN

The implications of wrongly blaming Russia in this incident could have been catastrophic. As it was, this triggered a meeting among NATO leaders.

It could have led to an invocation of Article V, the obligation of all NATO countries to join in the active defense of an ally. In this case, the ally would be Poland.

Said differently, we were a hair’s bredth away from blundering into WWIII because of something done by someone in Ukraine.

Of course, that could have been a mistake on Ukraine’s part.
It could just as easily been a ‘hail Mary’ attempt at getting powerful allies to join a fight in what they see as an existential fight.

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