COUNTER-PROGRAMMING: Here Is The Trump Rally That Ran Opposite The GOP Debate

Clearly, Trump has pivoted his energy to running for the general election

While 7 other hopefuls gathered in the Reagan Library looking to gain ground within the GOP, the runaway leader Donald J. Trump was in Michigan, addressing the public at large.

In case you weren’t able to see it, the entire video is here.

This rally also explains why the same Joe Biden who has been FAR too busy to visit East Palestine suddenly needed to pay a visit to the picket line — one day BEFORE the GOP debate, but AFTER Trump announced his plans for the day of the debate.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

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  1. Go, Go Go, President Trump! Praying that the Lord protect you, your family and bring HIS victory with you working on HIS behalf. HE needs no one, but wants our hearts and souls, and President Trump can and will deliver what YOU want!

    1. Trump has proven what he can accomplish. Why would you go against the proven with the unproven? Trump gave us border security, a good economy, low gas prices, energy independence, etc. These are all major issues. Why would you vote against these?

  2. After enduring the slug fest called a debate, I wish I had known about Trump’s slot. Christe slmmed Trump about his absence since he missed his opportunity to slam Trump. Nikki’s ire with Scott was like listening to a bunch of cackling hens. Her infighting with DeSantis was just as revealling when she lit into him over his stance on offshore drilling. Especially in light of her EO to take down the state flag without going through congress. There are some of us that remember, so maybe they would do better limiting their comments to issue not personalities.

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