DEBATE: Chris Christie Takes His Best Shot At Trump — Gets Roundly Mocked For It

Does he even realize his 'zinger' is a repackaged fail from Hillary's 2016 bid?

To hear Chris Christie tell the story, there is one reason and one reason only that DJT is not on the stage with the other GOP hopefuls.

He’s afraid of being owned by Christie’s Big Guns.

If you watch the clip carefully, you will notice that Chris is holding back a laugh as he winds up to deliver this knockout punch.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Well — if this is the best Chris has to dish out, he’d better shuffle back to the buffet line.

The Donald Duck line wasn’t clever back THEN…

And it STILL isn’t clever NOW.

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  1. Christie, he needs no one to pass stupid jokes about him…he is a joke. Near bottom of the polls, bumping his chubby gums spewing hatred for the man who outshines him by light years. Policies, Christie has none, please someone shove a dunkin” in his mouth to pacify him.

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