OOPS: Fox Host Tries Showboating In The Debate — Gets ROASTED By The Candidates

Whenever the moderator becomes the story ... that moderator has failed at the job

Expectations for this debate were already pretty low.

And some of the questions about race and sex were full-on Kamala Harris/DNC talking points that had no business being asked to a GOP panel.

But you might have expected Dana Perino to have a little more respect for the process — and the venue — than to make light of it by trying to it into an actual reality show.

One of DeSantis’s best moments came from putting Perino in her place. It’s the video at the top.

Voting off the island? Really, Dana?

Stop trying to be clever.

It isn’t about you.

Just ask the relevant questions and let the candidates have their say.

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  1. Dana has become a true dumba–s, She’s about as interesting as writing on a chalkboard on the five. Just one of the reasons we don’t watch corrupt Fox anymore. I like the gus on the five and our awesome Judge Jeanine, but it’s no longer enough to tune in. Dana chould join the “illustrious:” Geraldo & retire to a cooking show or something. Her question was so stupid…not policy oriented,not mature and certainly not what we would expect from a supposedly intelligent woman,,,eh, expected, her mentor was Geirge Bush! duh

  2. Love you, Governor Desantis! We here in good old FL really would rather have you stay right here and continue doing the awesome job you are doing! You really are the best! Don’t leave us to the wolves! These moderators are so lame!

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