AOC Reacts To ELON Livestreaming From The Border With GOP Congressman… Internet LIGHTS Her UP

Maybe the girl from the border photo op should have sat this one out

With 10,000 people a day swarming across America’s Southern border, Elon Musk is using his considerable skill of driving the public’s conversation by paying a personal visit to the border that Biden’s lapdog press has been dutifully ignoring.

It comes at a moment where one of the key issues in the government budget/shutdown conversation will be contention over a precondition that any new funding come with the commitment to complete Trump’s border wall and fully secure the border.

Today, Elon went to the border, and shared footage of that trip (above) to his enormous social media following. Within hours, it’s already well over 6 million views, and it’s almost certain to keep going up.

The billionaire also shared this one, which has more than 3 million impressions:

Not surprisingly, AOC took the bait.

What’s that expression about glass houses?

There was a lot of mockery of AOC’s position.

But few posts were as savage as this one:



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  1. AOC and many of congress nees to look in the mirror before commenting. Hopefully Elon can offer us some solution that does not include amnesty and citizenship to these invaders.

  2. Too bad she doesn’t possess a brain!! Oh, I forgot, a brain is NOT a requirement if you are a DUMBOCRAT!!! If in doubt, see slomojoe and flatback, !!!!

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