Dem Pulls Fire Alarm In Congress During Key Vote … Is This An ‘Insurrection’?

And wait until get a load of his excuses for doing it!


Democrats have spend almost three years now telling the world that the very worst thing a person can do is to interrupt official business in Congress with an illegal act.

There’s even one guy who didn’t even show up on January 6th is facing 22 years in the clink. (The left really enjoys sticking it to a black conservative, don’t they?)

Fast forward to the last few hours before the clock strikes midnight on a September 30th shutdown, and we see all kinds of antics rolled out by Democrats to lock in the shut-down because they think they leverage it politically and hang it like an albatross around the other team’s necks.

There is no short of gamesmanship and dirty dealing that can happen in Congress at the best of times, but this may be the first time an elected official committed a felony in the course of ordinary business.

Here’s Breitbart’s reporting on it:

A source familiar with the matter said Bowman casually, as the House was holding open the House Democrats’ motion to adjourn vote earlier in the day, walked up to the door and then ripped the emergency signs off and threw them on the ground.

“He ripped both of them off the door and threw them both on the floor,” the source familiar with the investigation told Breitbart News.

“Then, he leaned into the door and tried to open it,” the source added. “Then, he pulled the fire alarm. When the alarm begins going off, he turned around and ran—going down to the first floor of Cannon and exited out of a different door then made his way across the street to votes. At no point did he say to anyone ‘sorry this is a mistake’ or ‘sorry I pulled the fire alarm by mistake’ or anything like that. He didn’t say anything to anyone until he was confronted by Capitol Police later. By doing what he did he caused a whole building to be evacuated. Capitol Police and emergency services need to treat any alarm like a real threat until they know otherwise.”

These facts undercut Bowman’s official public statement that he was trying to get out of the door. He did not, per the source familiar with the matter, wait the 30 seconds the signs said to wait for the emergency door to open—and he clearly did not follow the instructions on the emergency signs.

Bowman later told reporters: “I thought the alarm would open the door.” — Breitbart

The memes came along almost immediately:

The caption on the bottom one is “With great spending comes great respullability.”

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  1. This is interfering with government business. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. There should be justice for all, instead of this justice they are dishing out for Donald J. Trump, who simply made the mistake of running for President of the United States against a Democrat. Everyone should be treated the same.

  2. In addition to being ousted from Congress, he should be charge – and convicted – of illegal use of emergency equipment and subsequently be made to repay DC for the cost of the Emerency Response teams who responded!!!

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