Gavin Names Sen Feinstein’s Replacement… But It’s Not Who People Expected

In keeping with Dem racial demands, he selected a black woman

The plot twist is, the black woman he selected was NOT the one who’s already running for the seat.

And it will probably surprise nobody that his pick was also a lesbian. There’s a lot of boxes you’ve gotta check to keep the right people happy if you’re on the left, dontchaknow?

Newsom said he did not want to appoint any of the candidates because it would give them an unfair advantage in the race.

‘It would be completely unfair to the Democrats that have worked their tail off,’ he told NBC News a few weeks ago. ‘That primary is just a matter of months away. I don’t want to tip the balance of that.’

An L.A. Times / Berkeley IGS poll this week had California Rep. Adam Schiff leading the field with 20 per cent. Schiff, a former House impeachment manager, was followed by Rep. Katie Porter at 17 per cent and Lee at 7 per cent.

His spokesman Anthony York said the governor did not ask Butler to commit to staying out of the race. December 8 is the deadline for candidates to file for the office.

Butler has never held elected office but has a long track record in California politics.

She served as a senior adviser to Harris’s 2020 presidential campaign while working at a political firm filled with strategists who have worked for Newsom and many other prominent state Democrats. She also briefly worked in the private sector for Airbnb. —DailyMail

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