HILARIOUS: Biden’s Border Has Red-Pilled Gov Hochul Who Now Calls Border ‘Too Open’

Funny how NIMBY can even motivate leftists to admit the truth about borders?

For a minute there, she almost sounded like Ted Cruz on the border issue.

When she first took office, Gov Hochul was all-in on the idea of sanctuary cities and open borders. She had nothing critical to say about Biden as wave after wave of people washed across the border to flood Texas and Arizona, among other places.

But the people kept coming, and they didn’t stay put in Texas or Arizona, did they? Many took her up on seeing New York as a place that received illegal aliens with open arms. And so they came — Somewhere North of 100k illegal immigrants showed up in a city of 8 or 9 million people.

With all the room now made available with the people fleeing New York’s draconian tax base, you might think the could handle that many new arrivals with ease. After all, we are told that every immigrant is a net benefit to the economy and anyone arguing otherwise is a bigot.

Now that she’s had a taste what caring for a hundred thousand or more strangers actually looks like, she is calling for an end to it. The poor darling actually seems to think that ‘most’ people are going to NYC.

‘We want [Congress] to have a limit on who can come across the border,’ said Hochul.

‘People coming from all over the world are finding their way through, simply saying they need asylum, and the majority of them seem to be ending up in the streets of New York, and that is a real problem for New York City,’ she added, echoing what Mayor Eric Adams has been saying for months.

‘It’s in our DNA to welcome immigrants. But there has to be some limits in place.’

Bless her honeysuckle heart, she’s starting to realize what we’ve said all along: you can have an open border, or you can have a social safety net.

But you can’t really have both.

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  1. It’s all light when they clutter up the southern states, but woe unto us if they clutter up New York City. Nobody ever said southern states were sanctuary states, but New York City is supposed to be a sanctuary city.

  2. Never vote for a liberal, lying, in-American, damn democrat in any election. – Federal,State or Local. Democratic run cities and States are now the poop piles of America.

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