SHUTDOWN CIRCUS: Dems Voted To NOT Fund Our Military During Shutdown (Video)

Dems tried to weaponize the shutdown at the same time they pushed hard to make one happen

The right has log claimed that Dems don’t care who they hurt, they only care about political power.

Here are a few moments from when Congress was teetering on the brink of a shutdown that suggest there may be truth in that claim.

As we know from the result — the newspapers don’t have giant headlines with the ‘war declared’ font telling us that the government has been shut down — which means that any hopes the press had of blaming the ‘extreme MAGA’ GOP for a shutdown have been dashed. For now, at least.

But credit where it’s due, the Democrats tried.

Here is a vote where Dems wanted to call it a night despite still having hours of negotiating time still ahead of them. If you listen, you will hear more than a few ‘yea’ votes.

Here is the general lack of concern about the looming shutdown from Joe’s Press Secretary:

In past shutdowns, there has been unanimous votes in favor of a provision to pay active military. But when Ted Cruz proposed such a provision this time, it had a different reaction.

The libs not only wanted a shutdown — they were confident that the GOP would be blamed for it, so they were looking for ways to make it painful for Americans.

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