Crime Crisis In San Francisco Expands To Actual PIRACY In The Bay… This Is NOT Satire!

If you thought robberies were a headache limited to San Fran's landlubbers ... guess again!

National Talk-Like-A-Pirate day is all fun and games until you actually get robbed by one.

Piracy may have a wistful swashbuckling derring-do appeal to it when it’s safely tucked away in the age of wooden ships or on the big screen with Captain Jack Sparrow.

It’s an ugly part of impoverished and dangerous parts of the world when we see the real stories behind Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips in the Horn of Africa or rogue nations like Iran seizing ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

But dealing with piracy while safely anchored at harbor in the bay of one of America’s great port cities? That’s simply unthinkable, right?

Not anymore.

Houseboat and yacht residents in the San Francisco Bay have sounded off about incidents of piracy skyrocketing by marauders pillaging and plundering from their watercrafts — and even stealing entire boats as The Golden City faces a crime crisis.

“The open shoreline of the [Oakland-Alameda] Estuary is littered with sunken wrecks and derelict, end-of-life vessels, and crime has risen to truly intolerable levels,” former harbormaster Brock de Lappe said during a San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission enforcement meeting, according to a Monday Fox News Digital report.

“Multiple vessels have been stolen and ransacked. Victims have had to resort to personally confronting the criminals to recover their property without the benefit of police support. Is this appropriate activity for a 79-year-old senior?”

One resident told the outlet she kayaked over to assist a man who was calling for help Tuesday night.

“They’re yelling, ‘Help me, please, please. Anybody help me.’ And I go out there in my kayak with a headlamp, and there is a sailboat drifting down the estuary, and with my kayak I towed it to shore,” said the woman, who did not reveal her name because she was afraid of retaliation. — NYPost

You may wonder: isn’t there some kind of a resource they could turn to for safety or protection?

The local marina has four boats for such a purpose. Those boats are part of the story.

The troubling piracy trend had struck the Alameda Community Sailing Center, where four of their safety boats, which are worth between $25,000 and $35,000 each, had been stolen or destroyed, Fox Business reported Saturday.

“We cannot run our program without these boats,” owner Kame Richards reportedly wrote in a letter to the municipal commission. — NYPost

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