Hey Journos: MTG Just Did YOUR Job In Showing Context Of Fire Alarm Story (VIDEO)

This short vid does more to clarify the story than any article you've read yet

HERE is the context most of us were missing in assessing just how incredible Jamaal Bowman’s story really was.

Most of us aren’t very familiar (if at all) with the interior of the buildings in the Capitol. We don’t know where one obscure fire exit stands in relation to any other part of the building. Nor do we know about differences in security protocols during office hours as compared to after-hours and week-end use.

Bowman gave the excuse that he was in a hurry to get to an urgent vote. (Critics suggest the real plan was that Bowman was actively trying to delay a House vote so that a Senate vote could be passed first.)

Rep Green made effective use of social media and video in showing us just how easily Bowman could have gotten from that closed door to an actual FUNCTIONAL exit WITHOUT tripping any fire alarms.

This video leaves plausibility holes in Bowman’s story that you could drive a truck through. We leave it to our readers to make up their own minds on what really happened here.

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