Sweden Forced To Choose Between Migrants And Retirees — Here’s What Happened Next

When the music stops and money runs out -- tough choices must be made

America’s own homeless populations are already getting the shaft when compared to what taxpayers are offering to illegal immigrants — but what happens with lagging indicators when the government realizes that the demand for handouts outstrips the supply of government cheese?

You may recall that one of the reasons behind Trump’s immigration policy in 2016 was the fact that Europe was starting to get slammed with a refugee crisis then that looks awfully similar to the one we are having now.

We saw all the same ‘refugees welcome’ messaging and virtue signaling then, that we see in America now.

It’s being bankrolled by all the same globalist fatcats with agendas of their own that have no interest in what the will of the local people might actually be. They don’t actually believe in Democracy, after all.

If their words and agendas are any indication, they see themselves as modern versions of Plato’s ‘Philosopher Kings’. They are the ‘rightful’ ruling class, and the rest of us have an obligation to defer to their superior power and wisdom. Or something.

But policies have consequences, and anything that cannot go on forever must eventually stop. That includes government largesse.

It really doesn’t matter how much you WANT to keep funding a cause — however noble you may believe it to be — when the money dries, you’re stuck.

Elderly residents of Kärråkra’s nursing home in Eslöv, Sweden, are now receiving porridge without milk due to financial constraints, a striking contrast to the municipality’s recent allocation of funds to accommodate migrants in hotels, as per local media sources.

The alarming decline in the quality of care at the care home was spotlighted by Samnytt news. Sofia Persson, the facility’s manager, while speaking to the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper, confirmed the grim financial situation, Remix News reported.

She said, “The money has run out,” indicating the budgetary exhaustion faced by the home before the month’s end, which restricted purchases of essentials like milk.

Highlighting the challenging scenario, Persson voiced her distress, noting the growing dissatisfaction among residents over the diminishing meal quality, especially during month-ends. However, she mentioned an alternative: residents averse to milk-free porridge can opt for sandwiches.
This financial strain emerges amid revelations of the local government’s significant expenditure on hotel accommodations for migrants.

The news site reported:

Elderly people in wheelchairs with broken hips are thrown out into the street and 90-year-olds who cannot manage at home are denied a place in nursing homes.

This is at the same time as the municipality of Eslöv has spent tens of millions on housing so-called unaccompanied migrants in hotels. — Rebel News

Of course, for patients with money of their own, they can order from the menu and be billed accordingly. But how does that help impoverished Swedes in their sunset years who paid into a system over a lifetime, only to find that they themselves are holding the short end of the stick now that the REAL hidden costs of their supposed compassionate generosity are starting to come to light.

New York is finally beginning to notice a similar trend… even if they have not yet been willing to come to grips with the actual root cause that Kamala promised to address.

Perhaps if she looked in a mirror she’d have better luck in finding them.

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