Trump Had Some Shockingly Nice Things To Say About The Grinning Judge Overseeing His Case

Trump has not held back on the criticism until now... here's what changed

Up to this point, Trump has had every reason to believe he was being railroaded in this trial… and he has said so openly.

So long as that continued, he had no reason to change his opinion of the proceedings or of the judge himself. One of Trump’s objections was the fact that the court had not responded to the appellate court’s Statute of Limitations rulings which found (significantly) in Trump’s favor.

As a result, because so much of the case brought against him relied on events that took place prior to 2014, Trump believes the case against him is now very much diminished.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This video is Trump briefly expanding on the implications of that ruling, and asking his lawyer to expand a little more.

AG James, for once, did NOT stop to preen before the cameras. She took no questions after court was adjourned.

No explanation was given for why she suddenly had nothing to say. Perhaps our readers can think of a few.

And if you’re wondering why we called him the ‘grinning judge’… after seeing him mug for the camera in this clip, we were prepared for him to be everything Trump accused him of being.

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  1. Disproves that the liberal Progressive marxists as I label them are creating this consternation to defeat their political opposition in the most nefarious clandestine ways that parallel the Nazis back in the 1930s and eliminating their political opposition to gain power the day is coming and it’s coming soon if these people continue to do this then the lion will get up and tear through the countryside and Kill Them All and show them who really is the boss

    1. Maybe. Maybe not.
      I will reserve judgment until this case (and all others) have been decided.
      It could also be that the judge was forced to backtrack because of the ruling of the appellate court and not because he wants to rule in Trump’s favor.

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