Reporter Overcome By Emotion As He Describes Carnage He Saw At Jewish Music Festival

The safe place they were taught to flee for safety became a terrorist's kill zone

It was a day like any other. Until it wasn’t.

Hundreds of young people gathered for a music festival on a holiday weekend. None of them could have suspected terrorists would rain down from the sky and begin murdering people by the hundreds.

Sadly, that’s exactly what did happen. More than two hundred were killed. Many were raped among the dead and dying — some taken hostage and paraded as trophies, others killed in cold blood after their humiliation.

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But there is something almost clinical in the reporting of stark facts like that. The story of what the people themselves went through is lost in the telling.

A story like the one shared by this reporter brings the human tragedy part of the story back into focus.

There was more…

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