NYT Busted Making Disgusting Change To THIS Detail Of Their Hamas Reporting

Then again, they have a rich history of being on the wrong side of totalitarian violence

Mark Levin loves to pound the New York Times on their checkered history: downplaying Stalin’s mass starvation of Ukranians (see: Holodomor), downplaying the Jewish Holocaust during WWII etc…

Not only do they refuse to return the Pulitzers they were awarded for lies about Trump and Russia, they just proved they are STILL shameless partisan liars.

Hamas is a terrorist group. So says our own government, among many others including Canada, the UK and the EU.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

What do you call someone taking violent action in the name of a terrorist group?

Most of us would have no difficulty in answering ‘terrorist’ to that question.

The New York Times, on the other hand…

We have the link.

The original says ‘terrorists’:

The edited version changed it to ‘gunmen‘:

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to hear their explanation behind the change?

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