MSNBC Ratings CRATERS As Biased Israel Reporting Gets Massively Rejected

Their rivals -- Fox and CNN -- are WAY up in the same period

Even MSNBC viewers have SOME lines they aren’t willing to cross… and the network just crossed them.

The biases of a network are evident in two ways. It is seen in what they downplay and it is seen in what they emphasize. During the pandemic, we saw the ever-present fear-porn statistics of how many people died today… right up until the New Guy was sworn in.

For some strange reason, the ‘traditional’ networks lost interest immediately after that moment. It’s all a great mystery, really.

The same principle is at play in the conflict in Israel. When CNN or Fox shows a statistic of the dead and wounded, the number will either represent Israel (consisting mostly of civilians and families slaughtered in a surprise attack) or the estimates of Americans who have been killed and/or taken hostage by terrorists from Hamas.

MSNBC understands that many of their hardline left-wing base are sympathetic to the activists who have, for years, led BDS campaigns against Israel and have called them an ‘apartheid state’.

They made a programming decision to show the statistics for both sides of the conflict.

That’s likely an indicator of what the emphasis of their coverage looked like as well.

It only took a couple of days to see what the public thought of the difference between the FoxNews/CNN approach versus the MSNBC approach to covering this conflict.

Woke news broadcaster MSNBC lost 33 percent of its primetime viewers during its coverage of the Israel Hamas war.

The outlet’s viewer figures were down 24 percent overall for the four days between October 7 and 10 which saw the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas terrorists.

By comparison the shocking events saw a leap in Fox News’s audience, up 42 percent, and in CNN’s coverage, which saw a 17 percent rise in viewers.

‘These numbers tell you a lot about MSNBC, which excels at Trump-era liberal therapy but can’t match others during global historic events’ Puck media reporter Dylan Byers wrote.

More than 1,200 Israelis have been killed by Hamas attacks, and 1,100 people have been killed by Israeli counter strikes on Gaza, unlike other outlets MSNBC has insisted on publishing a joint death toll.

MSNBC has come under fire for its coverage of the atrocities in Israel with an an Israeli mother whose two sons were take hostage by Hamas exploding at MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday night when asked how she feels about Israel’s counterstrikes in Gaza. — DailyMail

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