YIKES: Here’s A Look At The Cache Of Weapons Seized By IDF From The Surprise Attack

Not just guns, but claymores for boobytraps and bombs that bring homes to 3000 degrees

An attack like the one that set the latest war in the Middle East in motion is difficult to wrap your mind around.

Footage — however graphic it might be — show a limited view of chaotic events from a single perspective.

Statistics and reports are data points and abstractions that have no easily grasped reference points. Even casualty numbers, when they rise above numbers easily imagined, say a dozen or two, become difficult-to-imagine arithmetic concepts instead of concrete realities.

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There is a lot to take in with this clip. The fact that they were expecting to draw out an IDF response and had materials on hand to booby trap the gates, was brutal.

Even worse is his description of the thermobaric bombs laid out with the other weapons.

Thermobaric bombs were used to incinerate homes. They work by bringing a building to 3000 degrees. Instantly.

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