Does This Footage Of Letitia James Prove Trump’s Claims That She’s A Bigot?

What do you suppose the chant she's leading means?

This footage isn’t new. Stories about Letitia James leading this chant have circulated every couple of years since she first made them in 2018. But that was before she was leading one of the highest-profile criminal cases in New York History.

Now that she’s being shamelessly aggressive in her prosecution of Donald J. Trump — a line of prosecution she had promised would be her highest daily priority if she took office — the question of whether she has biases against him become relevant to her case against him. Is she so blinded by animus — age, race, and gender — not to mention the personal and political differences that marked the right left divide during his tenure, that she absolutely could not accept any data that would have prevented her from concluding he was a guilty man who should be prosecuted?

Here she is in an immigration rally demanding (ironically) exactly the kind of immigration that New York’s current Mayor is actively trying to pump the brakes on.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

An article from 2018 transcribes some of the details in her speech, from which this is quoted:

On the subject of the Trump era, James said we are in a “constitutional crisis” but we have “the opportunity to make a change.”

“What we’ve got to do is stand up and be strong,” she said. “The first pillar of our government so far have been the courts. The truth of the administration and the justice. That’s what we will continue to do. We will take this Agent Orange to court.”

James also said that the nation will need to continue to challenge president Donald Trump on issues of housing, and courts should partner with the media and women to make a change. She then said she’s meeting with Ben Carson to discuss the housing crisis soon. — The Wrap

So, there are two questions raised by this 2018 speech.

One, is she a bigot?
The other: if she was already determined to ‘take this Agent Orange to court’ back in 2018 — how can we take this prosecution as anything other than a personal vendetta?

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