Son Of Hamas Founder Talks Straight About What It Will Take To Stop The Killing

If anyone would know what makes these terrorists tick, it would be him

While bleeding-heart Democrats rally around the awful plight of the poor oppressed people in Gaza, the son of the cofounder of Hamas has some insights on why Israel is not only justified in the path they are taking — they are taking the only possible path one can take against an enemy like Hamas.

Political leftist are materialists by nature and cannot conceive of any motive that would transcend the Marxist power narrative, let alone one that calls you to sacrifice your own life in service of a divine call.

Hamas is not motivated by mere political considerations of power, land or even historical grievance. Their fight is a war of annihilation. They see this fight in explicitly eschatological terms.

Both the Hamas charter and recent public statements by clerics and prominent members of Hamas confirm this.

So how do you fight an enemy who sees his own violent death in much the same way a viking might once have viewed Valhalla?

It just so happens that Mosab Hassan Yousef has some direct insight into that question.

He doesn’t flinch from the hard truths that need to be said in answering this question.

Anyone who is rushing to echo the left’s ‘EVIL ISRAEL’ narrative as this war unfolds will want to take a few minutes and find out why only journalists, college kids and other ignorant people would accept that narrative unchallenged.

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