NASHVILLE SHOOTER: Watters Runs Establishment Through A Woodchipper After Manifesto Leaked

'The Binder' took a pretty good drubbing, too

Now that three pages of the Nashville shooter’s Manifesto have been leaked to the public, we know a lot more about the killer’s motive than what the left would have let on.

Since the left loves talking about ‘root causes’ Jesse draws a straight-line connection between the propaganda the left has been pumping our kids heads full of for a generation or so and the grievences driving the killer’s rage.

There’s plenty of rage tied to race and class… including one of the left’s most beloved phrases, ‘white privilege’.

Authorities are investigating how it leaked to the public. That’s an interesting response that anyone denying the validity of the images will have difficulty with.

The screed read like something you might hear roll of the lips of Joy Reid. Which makes this tweet so much more interesting:

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