Journo Tries To Push Israel ‘Ceasefire’ Talking Points … Gets Taken To School

This guy showed the patience of Job in pointing her back to reality over and over

Journalists in America are pretty bad, it’s true. But they’re not really any better over in Ireland. Here’s proof.

Eylon Levy, who works out of the Prime Minister’s office in Israel was invited onto a news program to describe the direction the war against Hamas is taking. You can tell by the questions she is asking that her default is to accept the Hamas propaganda numbers. That is despite the fact that previous claims such as the ‘bombed’ hospital made Bagdad Bob’s schtick look almost modest by comparison.

As the interview progresses, he directly addresses the various accusations she makes against Israel (including one that the number of killings so far ‘looks like revenge’).

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Mr. Levy puts on a clinic in a just a few short minutes of how to handle yourself professionally when you find yourself in the middle of an unserious clown show like this one. He kept his cool and remembered his real goal — not to score points on the dimwitted journo, but to persuade the untold number of viewers on the other side of the screen.

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