LAWSUIT: Mark Houk Alleges Malicious & Retaliatory Prosecution Against Biden & DOJ

The Pro-life dad that woke up to a SWAT-style pre-dawn raid is back -- and he's pissed

The DOJ used a very heavy hand in their attempt to prosecute Mark Houk.

Mark, a father of seven, won his case easily. That’s becuse the government never had any case to begin with.

Mark is going to court over it.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The DOJ’s FACE Act charges stemmed from a 2021 incident outside a Philadelphia-based Planned Parenthood where Houck pushed an abortion clinic volunteer who was repeatedly harassing his son, Mark Jr. Local authorities ultimately dismissed the matter—until the Biden DOJ re-upped it in response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Mark and Ryan-Marie Houck believe they were targeted by the Biden DOJ in an effort to intimidate, silence, and scare the family for their pro-life work—praying outside abortion clinics for the women headed inside to abort their unborn babies.

“This lawsuit will send a strong message to the DOJ that the United States of America does not belong to [Attorney General] Merrick Garland or the FBI; it belongs to all Americans, despite our many disagreements on different issues,” said Shawn Carney, president of the pro-life organization 40 Days for Life, which is representing Houck. “We all believe that we should have the right to free speech and be protected from unlawful infringement by our own government.”
Mark Houck’s suit describes this arrest as an “unnecessary and unlawful show of force,” accusing the agents of intentionally seeking to assault him and deprive him of his Fourth Amendment rights “by using excessive force to arrest him on non-violent charges when he had not threatened law enforcement, did not own a gun, and had offered to turn himself into authorities if indicted.”
Most tragically of all, her complaint says, Ryan-Marie and Mark Houck have lost three babies through miscarriages “due to the stress of the FBI’s conduct and resulting prosecution.”

“The stress of these events was so difficult that the Houcks have been diagnosed with infertility,” the complaint says. — DailySignal

What could explain why a peaceful man who had offered to turn himself in would be met at his door by a crowd of armed cops with drawn guns?

Let’s review what was happening in the time leading up to that arrest:

The Biden adminstration had just taken a heavy loss over the abortion issue in the Dobbs decision.

Dems are very ‘invested’ in this issue, partly because Planned Parenthood is among the left’s most important donors and Joe Biden was eager to prove his bona fides.

Every way he could think of to use his Presidental power and influence to facilite abortion or to restrict pro-life policies were brought to bear — including the Pentagon policies that Sen. Tuberville has been going to war with this administration over.

A stand-down order was given by the DOJ that would prevent the arrest of anyone breaking federal laws that forbid protesters to harrass judges in their private homes. Such protests have been occurring undeterred at Republican appointee Justices’ homes ever since.

Just before the decision came down, there was a rash of vandalism targeting pro-life institutions (including churches and clinics) with graffiti or even violence. Some were firebombed. A pro-abortion activist group took credit for it and threatened to do worse if they didn’t get their preferred policy ruling.

The DOJ has shown very little interest in chasing down those responsible for these criminal acts of literal domestic terrorism.

But there is ONE set of laws that is being aggressively enforced by this administration. That would be the FACE act forbidding certain protest activities around abortion.

Biden’s DOJ has put more effort in jailing women in their seventies for obstructing access to an abortion clinic than they have to protesters breaking federal law by protesting outside of Justices homes or the domestic terrorists who tried to use intimidation and violence to achieve political aims.

The same FACE act that is being used as a club against people like Mark Houk’s family ALSO obligates the DOJ to prosecute equivalent crimes against (ironically) churches and pro-life clinics which is a ‘reproductive health care facility’.

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act is a United States law that was signed by President Bill Clinton in May 1994, which prohibits the following three things: the use of physical force, threat of physical force, or physical obstruction to intentionally injure, intimidate, interfere with or attempt to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person who is obtaining an abortion, the use of physical force, threat of physical force, or physical obstruction to intentionally injure, intimidate, interfere with or attempt to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person who is exercising or trying to exercise their First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship, the intentional damage or destruction of a reproductive health care facility or a place of worship.

Do any of us really believe that Joe Biden wouldn’t unleash J6 levels of investigative effort to find and convict those responsible if the clinics being destroyed were pro-abortion instead of pro-life?

And almost every TV sitcom would have some kind of a preach-y storyline about those evil Bible-thumpers bombing wonderful abortion clinics.

For some reason, there are crickets when it goes the other direction.

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