BIPARTISANSHIP: Obama’s Iran Blather Got TORCHED By Left AND Right — Who Did It Better?

Bill Maher and Tom Cotton hit him hard for different reasons

Bill Maher, as a fairly conventional middle-of-the-road Democrat is a big fan of Obama. When Obama weighed in on the ongoing war in Gaza, even Bill had to push back.

Of course, Bill’s objection was to the words Obama used to assess the situation, setting on the same moral plane both the Iran-backed terrorists and the Jewish nationals who declared war on their attackers after being the targets of the worst anti-Jewish pogrom since Hitler still drew breath.

Tom Cotton pressed further. Beyond the superficial question of moral equivalency Bill reacted to lurked a far deeper question of moral culpability. Senator Cotton addressed THAT question, and laid no small share of blame squarely at Obama’s own feet.

And instead of broadcasting it into the air… Senator Cotton read it into the record.

We ask our readers — who did it better?

The political or the cultural take-down?

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