FINALLY: A Second-Amendment Argument That Might Cut Though The Noise

This one flips the left's usual response to gun rights on its head, in a creative way.

One reason the gun rights conversations keep going around in circles has to do with the familiarity each side has with the other guy’s answers.

We are ‘innoculated’ to arguments simply because they are so familiar to us.

Because they are familiar, we don’t listen very carefully to the underlying ideas and we overlook their implications.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

We get nowhere.

Every so often, a fresh idea comes to the surface and opens a new line of thinking… one that people haven’t already been ‘innoculated’ to because of that familiarity.

That is an opportunity to break through the wall with anyone interested in an honest exchange. And that’s why 1-on-1 conversations will be more important than the big national debates in many issues.

Here’s one guy doing exactly that on the gun debate. Reframing in a way that might give many ‘gun-grabbers’ a reason to stop and reflect on what it is they are REALLY asking for… and how that compares to the results they claim to want.

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  1. This presupposes that we are debating with a Leftist “interested in an honest exchange.” They are almost NEVER interested in an honest exchange. The best you may hope for is that you MAY force them to question their indoctrination or somehow use the opportunity to cause others on the periphery to to re-think things.

    Here are the only two facts that matter:

    (1) If a person or a group of people has come to commit violence against you — with a gun or other weapons — what is the first thing you will want? You will want a good guy or guys with guns to come save and protect you… So, why would you cede your right to self preservation to others?

    (2) If you think that only the GOVERNMENT should have that power to preserve and protect you right to self-preservation, then you need to memorize two numbers: 262 and 196.

    In the last century alone, over 262 MILLION UNARMED Citizens were murdered by their own governments.

    Of that number, over 196 MILLION UNARMED Citizens were murdered by Secular, Leftist, Collectiveist “Progressive” governments of one brand or another.

  2. If only Democrat politicians – or even half of their voters – actually cared about even one of his (factual) points made in this video. They really don’t care.

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