AOC Lectures America About ‘Diplomatic Solutions’ — American Polls Shut Her Down

She hasn't figured out yet that she's on the losing side of this issue.

AOC paints herself as some kind of an independent political maverick… but in fact, she’s a paint-by-numbers shill for whichever latest agenda the hard left is pushing.

Her lockstep march with neo-Marxist oppressor/victim dogma locks her into the Palestinian side of this issue. Notice she’s far more interested in the potential victims of war than she is about justice or release for the actual hostages (some of which are American!) that are currently held by Hamas, if in fact, they are even still alive.

Hamas won’t even let apolitical groups like Red Cross/Red Crescent in to check on the well-being of these hostages.

But despite her own public statements about herself as “not the expert on geopolitics on this issue” (when asked to elaborate her basis in logic for previous condemnatons of Israel) she has never shied away from taking very public stands that invariably tilt in favor of Palestinians.

True to form, she is demanding a truce between Israel, whose people are even now being held hostage, and Hamas, who have in their 1988 founding documents a Caliphate-like pledge reminiscent of ISIS stating that they would never accept non-muslim rule of the region. (There is also a direct citation of a Koranic text speaking positively of the slaughtering of the last Jews on the planet.)

Diplomats have tried, and failed, for generations to find a peaceful path forward between these two parties — one of which pays a lifelong pension to family members of anyone who dies or is imprisoned while committing acts of violence against Jewish victims.

We’re a little more than a month into a war between Israel and Iran’s proxies in Hamas — with any civilians in Palestine who have not yet been radicalized by a Muslim Brotherhood strain of Islam caught in the middle.

Here comes AOC to the rescue. She has deep wisdom the rest of the world lacks… a new and never-tried-before solution.

Everybody sing it together: “All she is sayyyyy-ing, is give peace a chance.”

Sure. That’ll work.

By that same logic, America should have sat down at a bargaining table with Tojo, Hilter, and Mussolini.

Right. Gee, if only somebody had thought of trying DIPLOMACY in the Middle East before she had suggested it. Oh right. Presidents have been trying to make that work since before she was even born.

The closest we’ve had to a successful Peace in the Middle East plan was the ONE president who told his ‘experts’ to pound sand. The John Kerry clones who insisted that peace had to be brokered with Palestine first were proven wrong with Trump’s success in brokering the Abraham Accords.

Maybe, and I’m just putting this out there, but maybe she’s offering too simplistic an answer to a complex problem.

Let’s ask the American public.

Oh look — someone already has.

Yep. The chick who favors socialists and communists in South and Central America is on the wrong side of THIS issue, too. Gee, what were the odds?

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