OOPS: Haley’s Getting LIT UP After Her Internet Policy Unmasked Her Inner Authoritarian

There are bad ideas, there are hot takes, and then there is whatever the hell this was.

Nikki Haley has been enjoying a surge in popularity. She’s making a run at being the leading GOP candidate NOT named Trump… and she was doing well. Until this.

This might be one of those landmines that, once stepped on, is difficult to recover from.

She has ‘thoughts’ about how social media is sued on the internet. Like so many of Biden’s buddies and associates in the misinformation management business, Haley has chosen to view this question principally through the lens of security rather than liberty.

That fact was NOT lost on Conservative Twitter/X.

As this meme would indicate, she really stepped in it:

Ok, so what did she say, exactly?

Oh, it’s for national security. Like the Patriot Act was. That makes it so much better.

Some of you are thinking, maybe it was a one-off, a mistake that she’ll walk back? Nope. She said it on the Ruthless Podcast, too.

Yours truly got in on the fun:

The memes were top-tier.

From the ones following established formats like this one:

To others that hit with all the subtlety of a punch in the stomach:

Remember the misinformation Czar?

To high-quality, nuanced ones that manage to invoke a call-back to her awkward line about heels being ‘ammunition’.

Others pointed out some flaws in the political messaging part itself:

Or a salient detail that others missed.

From the blowback she’s getting — even from people who like her — this is gonna hurt her.

Will she be able to recover from it? We’ll know soon enough.

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