YUGE Crowds Show Up To DC In Support Of Israel’s Right To Exist

The contrast between this peaceful daylight protest and those OTHER ones is unmistakeable

The left had their say. They gathered in lockstep, venting their coordinated rage with the giant Palestinian flags and pre-fabricated signs that just HAPPENED to be laying around.

(Is this a bad time to bring up the Biden officials who have been working as Iranian surrogates, and how they were part of a larger Iranian propaganda effort underway in America?)

Anywho… the Pro-Hamas protesters had their chance to march in the darkness, tear down American flags, spraypaint cop cars, bother Joe Biden at his home (chanting Genocide Joe), and make a general nuisance of themselves.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Israel supporters had a different plan. They somehow managed to get about a quarter million people to show up at the Mall in the middle of the day on a Weekday.

They dressed in blue and white to show support of jews — who have recently been the target of heinous attacks. American and Jewish flags were present. Posters showing the faces of those still missing since 10/7 where held up.

The whole event had a very different tone than the rage-driven events chanting slogans in support of an ‘Intifada Revolution’. This one was demonstrably peaceful and law-abiding.

In and of itself, that sent a powerful message.

NY Sun publisher Dovid Efune tweeted a list of the obvious differences.

7 major differences between the anti-Israel protests and the pro-Israel rally today at the National Mall:

1. Nobody was assaulted.
2. There were many American flags.
3. There was no racism or bigotry.
4. Nobody was hiding behind a face mask.
5. Concern was expressed for innocents on the other side.
6. It was bipartisan.
7. It was much, much larger!
8. Heavy security was required.
9. Prayers for peace were sung.
10. So was the Star-Spangled Banner.

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