DNC Event In Capitol Locked Down By Pro-Palestine Rioters — Is This ‘Insurrection’?

The entire building was surrounded by angry protesters who clashed with cops

Despite several Capitol Cops being injured in the exchange, only a single arrest has been announced so far.

It was an unlawful assembly at the Capitol. We all know how the press would be characterizing them if it could be blamed certain on red hats with white letters. But what about when the troublemakers come from the left-wing voting block?

They pretty much get the same treatment as Antifa or BLM did.

Here was a status update on social media:

And some ‘mostly peaceful’ footage.

Exits were blocked. It was a volatile and dangerous situation.

Hundreds of “violent” anti-Israel protesters clashed with US Capitol Police Wednesday evening during a rally outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC — prompting the evacuation of politicians inside.

Video shows dozens of officers in riot gear desperately pushing back the unruly protesters as they charged toward the Canal Street and Ivy Street, SE building.
The rioters were also seen trying to grab hold of metal barricades as the officers rushed in to make arrests.

About 150 people were “illegally and violently protesting” outside the office, Capitol Police wrote on X. — NYPost

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